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Independent schools across Queensland are able to access a wide array of professional learning programs, tools and resources through Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ), to develop and build their teaching staff’s capacity.

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VET Pathways: Christian's Story

I have learnt more about myself and have skills that other people don't necessarily have and it's all thanks to VOC Ed.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) draws on a student’s strengths to help determine their goals, aspirations and future pathway, including studying at university. An increasing number of independent schools are engaging Queensland students in VET certificates to enable young people to take a tertiary pathway. This video captures Christian’s unique journey as he went from a VET pathway at an independent school, to his dream career in Law.

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VET Pathways: Ellie's Story

I was able to stay in school whilst going to TAFE and doing work experience and this sounded really amazing to me.

Queensland leads the nation in the take-up of VET in schools. More than 60 percent of Queensland Year 12 graduates finish school with a VET qualification. Independent school graduate Ellie Godlement studied a range of VET programs at school and completed Year 12 with several certificate-level qualifications. After school, Ellie enrolled in a Diploma of Community Service Work and is now undertaking a Bachelor of Social Work at Griffith University while also working. Ellie shares how VET equipped her for life after school and helped guide her towards a rewarding career choice.

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