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Briefings is an Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) publication providing thought leadership for the independent schooling sector.

Each edition includes an opinion article, a research feature or an advocacy piece. 

Latest editions

Past editions

Issue 7 - Spring  Research Affirms Importance of School Choice / Review of the Australian Curriculum

Issue 6 - Winter  Seizing the moment to foster sector growth / Does regulation make a difference to non-state schools? 

Issue 5 - June  A Final Word / Supporting Middle Leaders: Four Key Areas for Consideration 

Issue 4 - May  Long-term effects of COVID-19 to impact on schools? / Predicting the unpredictable

Issue 3 - April  New Minister's Vision for Australian Schooling / Top Trends in 2021 Leaders Need to Heed

Issue 2 - March  Against all expectations / Vulnerability, the impact and potential to help nurture your youngest students 

Issue 1 - February  Is the continuing increased funding for schooling achieving results? / Leading through long term crisis 

Issue 9 - November/December  The Year of the Teacher / Transformational Leadership in Crisis and Change

Issue 8 - October  Schools and the 2020 State Election / Leading Inclusive Learning

Issue 7 - September  The significance of the Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance reforms / The ‘Hero’s Journey’ literary device to analyse principals and boards leadership roles in the context of strategic planning.

Issue 6 - August  More private investment in education should be encouraged / Optimising the learning environment for better student outcomes

Issue 5 - July  Queensland Election / Sustainable improvement means choosing coherence

Issue 4 - June  Independent schools' significant contribution to the Queensland economy / Research to help schools' strategic planning for extreme events, such as COVID-19

Issue 3 - May  Reasons for optimism / Monitoring and managing cyberincivility

Issue 2 - April  The Direct Measure of Income presents another challenge for many independent schools / Good people are great professional development

Issue 1 - February  The Queensland independent sector is becoming more diverse / Challenges and opportunities of Artificial (AI) Intelligence in schools

Issue 10 - November  The urgent need for school infrastructure in the independent sector / Emotional leadership

Issue 9 - October  Challenges for the independent schools sector / Music lifts learning outcomes - is it time for an integrated approach?

Issue 8 - September  More funding changes to come / School leadership and IT reform - leading innovation, ideation and people

Issue 7 - August  Increasing enrolments and diversity in the sector / How well is your school performing and how do you know?

Issue 6 - July  A new declaration on schooling? / Could design thinking solve the 'wicked problem' of school education?

Issue 5 - June  The Coalition's plans for schooling / The greater impact of collective teacher efficacy on students and school culture

Issue 4 - May  Economic conditions and independent schools / Are learning progressions the panacea the Australian schooling sector needs?

Issue 3 - April  State/Territory Contributions to Public Funding for Schools / Advancing Advancement in Independent Schools

Issue 2 - March  A Time to Focus on our Regions / Adding Value in Independent Schools: Making a Difference in Reading

Issue 1 - January/February  Independent schools meeting the needs of parents / Evidence of the benefits of an early childhood education

Issue 10 - November  Schools need to address the risks in budgeting for volatility in Gonski 2.0 / Great teachers and great teaching, where to from here?

Issue 9 - October  The New Parental Tax Income (PTI) Measure / Could parent power raise Australia's educational performance? 

Issue 8 - September  Our Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers / Decision-making and educational leadership

Issue 7 - August  Is sector-blind schools funding achievable? / Has the hype around growth mindset outpaced the evidence?

Issue 6 - July  Celebrating 50 Years / Can Independent Schools Benefit from Greater Collaboration Between Schools?

Issue 5 - June  Economic Factors Influencing the Health of the Independent Schools Sector / Accommodating the Learning Limit of Students 

Issue 4 - May  Key Reviews to Drive Future School Innovation and Improvement / Busting the Neuromyths in Teaching

Issue 3 - April  Schools Funding: Divisive Media Coverage and Uncertainty / High Gain and High Achieving Schools

Issue 2 - March  Independent Schools are More Accountable Than Ever / The Fuss About Needs-Based School Funding

Issue 1 - January/February  Commentary on Schooling on the Wrong Track / Comparative Judgement: An Option for Reducing Marking Loads

Issue 10 - November/December  Families From all Income Levels Choose Independent Schools / School Leadership and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education

Issue 9 - October  Addressing School Infrastructure Needs / Using Video for Coaching and Branding

Issue 8 - September  School Culture, Success and Sustainability / Wellbeing and Educational Leadership

Issue 7 - August  Non-State Schools Accreditation - A New Act for Queensland / Social Media Integration into School Emergency Management Planning

Issue 6 - July  Commonwealth's Role in Schools Continues to Strengthen / It's Time to be Critical about Teaching Critical Thinking

Issue 5 - June  Continuing the Reform Agenda / The trouble with Professional Learning Communities: Avoiding Roadblocks in Teacher Collaboration

Issue 4 - May  Schools Funding - Politics vs Policy

Issue 3 - April  Supporting Students with Disability / Why and How Schools Need to Act on Parental Choice Research  

Issue 2 - March  National Education Reforms / When Best Laid Plans Go Awry, Change Fatigue: Symptoms and Solutions 

Issue 1 - January/February  The facts on school fees / Evaluation and Education: Measuring what Matters

Issue 10 -November/December  Reflections on 2016: Challenges and Optimism for 2017 / A review of frameworks for technology integration and their impact on teaching and learning

Issue 9 - October  Schools Funding Debate: Careful Language Required / Leading Thinking to Manage Change

Issue 8 - September  It’s a Small World / A review of global policy and educational trends for technology integration in classrooms

Issue 7 - August  A New Federal Schools Funding Model - Challenges and Opportunities for the Coalition / Evidence and Quality Teaching

Issue 6 - July  The Prep Half Cohort – Getting Closer to Graduating / Teachers Leading Research in Best Practice Pedagogy

Issue 5 - June  Hopefully, a Final Word on "Gonski" / Building Leadership Culture in Schools

Issue 4 - May  The 2016/17 Federal Budget / Online Assessment and its Potential Impact on Student Results

Issue 3 - April  Taking the Good School Governance Pledge / Leading Innovation and Change

Issue 2 - March  Economic Significance of Independent Schools to the Queensland Economy / Coaching as an implementation process for school improvement agendas

Issue 1 - January/February  It's an Election Year / Performance and development for school improvement

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