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Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) produces a range of corporate publications designed to provide information on priorities, activities, and management.

Corporate Publications

2022-2024 Strategic Plan

Outlining the mission, vision and key strategic priorities for Independent Schools Queensland.

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2024 Membership Benefits

ISQ is continually expanding support services and resources for member schools to ensure they remain up-to-date with significant policy changes and have the necessary support to enhance their school services. Members of ISQ benefit from a wide range of services created specifically to meet their needs.

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Annual Report 2023

Core to ISQ’s mission is delivering the best knowledge, advice, service and support to nearly 240 members across Queensland. 

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Past Annual Reports: 2022 | 20212020 I 2019 | 2018 | 2017


2024 Professional Learning & Services Guide

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) is your specialist learning provider, offering engaging professional learning, events and services with leading industry professionals in 2024. View the comprehensive suite of learning opportunities and services. 

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Choice and Diversity in Independent Schools

Independent schools are as diverse as the communities they serve and offer parents a choice in the education of their children. They enable families to select a school that best serves their child’s needs.

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Queensland Independent Schooling Sector Overview

Queensland independent schools are a valued and pivotal part of the Queensland education landscape. See the latest statistics in this document. 

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Income of Families with Students in Queensland Schools

The 2022 Income of Families with Students Attending Schools in Queensland report, based on the latest 2021 Australian Census of Population and Housing data has busted common myths about parental income and school choice, revealing Queensland families from all income levels choose independent schools.

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ISQ Snapshot 2024

This is a snapshot of the key characteristics of the Queensland independent school sector, those who are enrolled, those who work in independent schools, and how these schools are funded. 

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Study in Queensland Independent Schools

Studying at a Queensland independent school provides international students with a unique opportunity to further their education while learning about Australian life and culture.

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50 Years Celebrating Choice and Diversity: 1968-2018

This commemorative book documents the history and achievements of Independent Schools Queensland over the past 50 years and shares stories celebrating the important contribution member schools have made to schooling in the state.

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