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Selecting a School

Parents are becoming more discerning when it comes to choosing a school for their children. When searching for the best school to suit your child’s needs, many factors contribute to the decision-making process including location, alignment with personal values, religious affiliation or culture, facilities and curriculum offerings, and a school’s ability to provide personalised learning and quality teaching.

Tips to select a school

Choosing the right school for your child can be complex. These tips and questions may help you in your decision-making process.

Know what is important for your child’s education

Consider what type of learning environment best suits your child, including their personality, attributes and needs. It's not about the child being the right fit for the school - it is finding the right school for your child.

  • is it important the school is single-gender or co-educational?
  • is the size of the school important?
  • do you want a primary school, a secondary school, or a combined school?
  • what are the school values? Is it important the school has a religious affiliation or educational philosophy?
  • is it important the school is close to where you live? Will you allow your child to travel by public or school transport? Are you looking for boarding facilities?
  • what fee levels are you prepared to pay?
  • are there particular school subjects you consider essential?
  • do you want a school that provides support for students with specific learning, language or cultural needs?

Visit schools and open days

Contact your preferred school (or schools) to gauge how the school’s values and ethos is expressed in day-to-day situations. Register for either a personal tour, an open day, or an online tour, to allow you to experience the school’s culture first-hand. Questions to consider during your visit:

  • is the school welcoming?
  • do the students seem happy?
  • what wellbeing practices do they have in place?
  • are academics the main focus or do they take a holistic approach to education?
  • are the grounds well cared for?
  • what facilities are there?
  • how do students relate to staff?
  • do the staff relate well to each other?
  • will your child be supported here?
  • what is expected of students from day to day?
  • where can your child shine in areas of strength and improve in areas of weakness?

Offering families choice in schooling

"We are able to be very agile and forward-thinking in the way we react to innovation. Being an independent school is really important to us because it means we can forge our own directions in what we see as valuable to the school, to our community, to our parents, and to our students." Independent school leader.  

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