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International Education

Study in a Queensland Independent School

Around 1,000 international students are currently studying at an independent school in Queensland.

Queensland offers international students opportunities to excel academically while enjoying Queensland’s friendly and relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

Queensland’s independent schools provide international students with diverse opportunities and programs for educational and cultural experiences for long and short periods of time.

Schools offer a range of support and programs that allow international students to:

  • study in primary and secondary schools
  • learn English in a school setting
  • gain entry to university or further studies in Australia, if secondary studies are successfully completed.

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Study in Queensland

International students are welcome back to Queensland independent schools

Access high-quality education while being immersed in educational and cultural experiences as unique as your child.

Choose from diverse and supportive school settings, for primary and secondary students, for long or short periods of time.

With schools from the rainforest to the reef, the city to the outback, you’ll find a school that suits your child’s educational and philosophical needs.

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